High Performance Steel

Improve performance with High Performance Steel

When conventional engineering materials don’t give you the performance you want, tool steel can be the answer. If you are designing something subject to heavy loads, heavy wear, corrosion or high temperatures, look to High Performance Steel. Our HPS-materials offer superior property combinations to help you achieve a high performance solution.

Choosing the right material is an important decision to make. For the component user, it could mean the difference between success and failure. For the component manufacturer, it is a matter of overall economy, operational stability and a competitive edge.

Uddeholm offers not only HPS-materials but also knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions. Backed by extensive research and development facilities, our experts will gladly guide you in the selection, heat treatment, machining and welding of HPS-materials.

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HPS Technical Brochure (Revision 02.2007)

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HPS Manufacturing (Revision 01.2009)

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HPS Racing (Revision 12.2007)

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HPS Recycling (Revision 10.2008)

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HPS Shafts (Revision 12.2007)

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HPS Steel Mills & Mining (Revision 10.2008)

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Increase speed with HPS

Anders "Charley" Karling is the four-time European Champion in Super Twin Dragbike-racing. His top speed is nearly 356 km/h! HPS-products from Uddeholm make up the vital components of his 700 horsepower drag machine.

Engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, piston pins, cylinder heads, cylinders and engine brackets are some of the major parts created using Uddeholm products. Performance speaks for itself:
0 – 100 km/hour in less than one second!!!

Being on the leading edge of racing means being on the leading edge of materials used in racing. HPS-materials combine high strength, toughness and wear resistance for lower weight, simpler design, greater precision and lower maintenance costs.

Reduce maintenance costs

If you have high maintenance costs, you’re not alone. Maintenance costs Swedish industries around US$ 47 billion a year. By choosing a High Performance Steel (HPS), these costs can be substantially reduced.
HPS was previously only chosen for extra high-spec equipment, but it is now proving to be the best option, even for applications which have traditionally used lower quality engineering steel. Fewer and shorter interruptions in production, increased service life, lower consumption of replacement parts and improved quality of the end product are just some of the improvements noted.

We are working to decrease maintenance costs by helping industries choose the right material from the start for their heavy-duty components. In this way they can optimize the overall economy of their production.

Sandvik chooses HPS

Sandvik Coromant have increased their competitive edge in the market for cutting tools by using the Uddeholm steel grade THG 2000.

The superior temper resistance, wear resistance, strength and good machinability of this steel make tool holders that perform better and longer where higher cutting speeds are used.

Wherever you are in the manufacturing line - whether you’re a machine builder or machine user - you gain a competitive edge by choosing an HPS-material.

Improved recycling with HPS

By changing knife material to Uddeholm's Sleipner grade, a Norwegian customer has decreased costs by 30%!

The company shreds tires for energy production in the cement industry. It operates a one-rotor shredder. Due to the change to the Sleipner steel grade knife life increased from 35000 tires to 50000 tires. This meant that knife cost per fragmented tire decreased by 30%!

Recycling of tires, cars, paper, white-ware, plastics, asphalt and other materials is growing, and the shredding industry along with it. HPS-materials provide an excellent combination of chipping resistance and strength for shredder parts. For knife holders, knifes, shafts, counter blades, distance rings, nuts and bolts, the shredding industry strives for lower downtimes with HPS-materials.

Case Studies and Articles

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