Uddeholm Mirrax ESR saves thousands

Bohler-Uddeholm partners with industry leaders to trial new grades against commonly used grades in order to demonstrate superior performance. The following case study involves Uddeholm Mirrax® ESR, a 400 series stainless mould steel with excellent toughness, good corrosion resistance, and high polishability versus AISI H13.

Produced Part:
Interior automotive part

Resin - 30% glass filled PBT

Tool Steel and Production Conditions:
Injection moulded part using Uddeholm Mirrax® ESR vs. AISI H13

24" x 24", 2 core and 2 cavity mould

Heat treated by Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech to 48-50 HRC

Surface Finish:
EDM finish

Material Failure Issues:
1. Chipping along louvered edge.
2. Corrosion of sliding part due to chemically aggressive resin.

Ultra Manufacturing – A Waterloo, Ontario based plastic injection moulded part manufacturer specializing in automotive interior components.

Trial Details and Result to Date:
Tool produced approximately 1.2 million parts using H-13 inserts before switching to Uddeholm Mirrax® ESR inserts. The Mirrax® ESR inserts have produced approximately 2.7 million parts to date.

Cost – Benefit Analysis: Replacing AISI H13 with Uddeholm Mirrax® ESR
Direct costs: $80,000 to build a new set of inserts every 1.2 million parts when using AISI H13; $10,000 every 100,000 parts to repair and match AISI H13 inserts for texture and gloss level. Indirect Costs: not included in cost model – lost production due to maintenance and repair; scrapped parts, inspection, etc.

Cost – Benefit Analysis