Our Customers

Bohler-Uddeholm is proud to serve the leaders of the aerospace industry including: AIRBUS, BOEING, Eurocopter, MTU Aero Engines, Fokker Aerostructures B.V., Embraer, Bombardier and many others.

Naturally, looking after our customers is our top priority. Upon request, our qualified specialists can answer any material questions you might have, wherever you might need them answered.

Our Materials

Being one of the largest and most renowned special steel producers in the world, Bohler-Uddeholm offers a wide range of special steels and nonferrous metal alloys.

Below are pdf brochures of our common materials for the aircraft industry. We supply materials according to all current specifications and standards. For a summary of our materials, specifications and approvals, download our brochure. 
Aerospace Brochure English pdf | Aerospace Brochure French pdf

Across Canada

Our service centres are located near major aerospace hubs in Canada in order to serve you best. Our main service centre in Mississauga, Ontario is ISO 9001 Registered.
Our thermal processing facility, Bohler-Uddeholm Thermo-Tech is Nadcap Approved for Heat Treatment.

Bohler-Uddeholm is a member of the following trade organizations: 
Ontario Aerospace Council | Quebec Aerospace Association

Title Type/Filesize Download

PH Stainless Rounds Stock Programme

PDF / 97 KB PDF Download

PH Stainless Flats Stock Programme

PDF / 93 KB PDF Download

Bohler-Uddeholm Canada Aerospace Brochure (EN) (Revision 08.2010)

PDF / 505 KB PDF Download

Bohler-Uddeholm Canada Aerospace Brochure (FR) (Revision 08.2010)

PDF / 508 KB PDF Download

BOHLER Specialty Alloys for Aerospace (Revision 06.2004)

PDF / 1557 KB PDF Download

BOHLER Specialty Plate for Aerospace (Revision 07.2014)

PDF / 2828 KB PDF Download

VILLARES Specialty Alloys for Aerospace (Revision 07.2008)

PDF / 1580 KB PDF Download