Webinar: Improve Your Bottom Line with PVD Coatings

Recorded Webinar Presented by Jerry Barvinek, Coatings Division Manager at Bohler-Uddeholm.

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The advent of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings opened up a whole range of low temperature applications that previously would have relied on the combination of tool building techniques and heat treatment to improve productivity. Through decades of research and development Bohler-Uddeholm has taken a scientific approach to improving the coatings process with a focus on reducing risk and delivering consistent, repeatable and predictable results.

This webinar focuses on understanding how choosing the appropriate PVD coating in conjunction with good tool building practices can enhance the performance of molds and dies under tough processing conditions. These improvements can ultimately lead to efficient, repeatable, and consistent manufacturing runs that produce higher quality parts while reducing downtime and ultimately lowering production costs.

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Topics covered will include:
• What are PVD coatings?
• Why use PVD coatings?
• The basics of the coatings process.
• Equipment that is used.
• Differences in the Coatings Process.

About the presenter Jerry Barvinek

Jerry Barvinek has been with Bohler-Uddeholm for over 3 years as the Business Unit Manager for the Canadian PVD Coating Division. He has been involved in PVD coatings for over 15 years in various capacities across North America, providing the metal forming, stamping and die casting markets with productivity solutions.

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