Webinar: Vanadis 8 SuperClean for Metalforming Applications


Introducing Uddeholm Vanadis 8 SuperClean

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Vanadis 8 SuperClean

Learn more about the tooling challenges inherent in  metalforming applications and how the new powder metallurgical grade Uddeholm Vanadis 8 SuperClean can improve your tooling performance.

The webinar will focus on common failure mechanisms and suggest potential process and material solutions to counter those issues.

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About Vanadis 8 SuperClean

Uddeholm Vanadis 8 SuperClean sets a new standard for Powder Metallurgical Tool Steel. A high
performance steel with more ductility and stamina than earlier generations. An unprecedented solution that
raises production rates and reduces costs.

Thomas Hillskog

Thomas Hillskog, Application Expert Cold Work from Uddeholm Sweden, shares his insights on
metalforming, tool steel selection and the advantages of the new Uddeholm Vanadis 8 SuperClean grade.